Have they ever stopped you on the street and said “hey honey, let’s go for a ride” or grabbed your ass on the subway? Stained by filthy glances that make you feel dirty. That make you want to scrub away your skin. And you, you should have just slept with her, right? It would have been easier than having them call you “loser” and “fag” all night. Great friends. “Why are you so annoying are you on your period?” And whenever there’s a fight, he’s the one who gets beaten up. You just get called “slut”.
Does all this really represent us?

CounterStories collects different daily life experiences, allowing artists to express them through all artistic forms. We’re more than stereotypes, we have different perspectives and creative ways to show them. We want to start an alternative conversation, displaying the microaggressions that oppress us continually and inadvertently. We have a greater and more complex reality to propose. If you want to be a part of it, with our blog, let’s give life to CounterStories.